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Erectile Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Disease

While some men believe that the most important heart function is transfer of blood to penis, this connection is somewhat more complicated. And understanding the close relationship between your heart and your penis can save your life.

Erectile Dysfunction As Cardiac Disorder Symptom

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most important connection between sex and heart. From 10 to 20 million American men suffer from ED. We need to answer the question whether erectile dysfunction is often a symptom of hidden cardiac disease.

ED appearance can endanger your sexual life, but it also indicates a much greater threat to your life as a whole. Over a five-year period, a man with ED obtains almost 50% increased risk of heart attack or need for hospitalization for heart disease. This risk is even higher in men under 50, since ED is particularly disturbing sign of poor heart health in younger men. The more severe ED is, the higher the risk of developing heart disease is.

Erectile dysfunction is also negative symptom in men with diagnosed ischemic heart disease. Half of men with coronary heart disease either have or will develop erectile dysfunction, and they have a worse prognosis in comparison with men without ED. Conclusion: ED and coronary heart disease go hand in hand.Erectile DysfunctionThe connection between erection and heart health from medical point of view includes:

Atherosclerosis is systemic problem that affects arteries throughout body, from those in penis, to those in kidneys, brain, legs and heart. One of the first stages of atherosclerosis, which occurs before plugging plaques formation, is abnormal function of endothelial cells of lining arteries and helping to control blood flow, causing artery to expand or contract. Just as heart pumps blood, erection depends on normal functioning of these cells and arteries that they regulate.

This is – Erectile Dysfunction

It happened historically that topic of erectile dysfunction in society has always been taboo, banned for discussion. By the way, before this disease was called impotence, thereby giving up on male function: it can not, that’s all!

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Today we know that erectile dysfunction (ED) is disease caused by violation of intimate vessels. Sometimes, erectile dysfunction can manifest as symptom of various other diseases.

So, ED can occur on the background of:

It is no accident that the so-called. “Manager’s syndrome” – a common psychoneurological disorder in our time – among other symptoms includes possible violations in sexual sphere.erectile dysfunction treatment

Cialis Prostate Cancer Treatment for Patients Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem faced by patients who undergo prostate cancer surgery. A Cialis prostate cancer treatment will however turn out to be effective in this case. It is possible to get Cialis from Canadian Health&Care Mall for treating ED.

How Prostate Cancer Surgery Can Lead to Erectile Dysfunction

There are various kinds of surgeries which can lead to ED. Some of them are given below.

  • Radical Prostatectomy
    This involves the removal of the entire prostate gland and the tissues surrounding it. The doctor may use a nerve sparring or a non-nerve sparring technique in this case. In case of the nerve-sparring treatment, recovery from an erectile dysfunction may happen within a period of one year. On the other hand, in case of the non-nerve sparring technique, recovery from the erectile dysfunction may not turn out to be positive in most cases.
  • Hormonal Therapy
    A patient is likely to suffer from ED within a period of two to four weeks. In that case, the likely symptoms that one is going to suffer from are a decrease in sexual desire. In most cases, this effectiveness of an erectile dysfunction can turn out to be permanent.
  • Radiation Therapy
    The onset of ED will likely to begin within a period of two to three years. The symptoms faced in this case are likely to be the same like the other prostate cancer treatments. There are also chances where the erectile dysfunction will turn out to be permanent as well.

Prostate Cancer Surgery

Types of Symptoms that a Patient can suffer from

Apart from suffering from ED, a patient can also suffer from the following problems:

  • The feeling of being less attractive
  • The feeling of being lethargic or low in energy
  • The problem of having to suffer from pain during the time of sex
  • Lack of interest in sexual activity
  • Suffering from less satisfying orgasms
  • Suffering from dry orgasms
  • Difficulty in reaching the climax
  • The inability to experience or even sustain any erection
  • Inability to discharge any semen

How a Cialis Prostate Cancer Treatment Can Help a Patient Out

CialisCialis can be an effective ED treatment that a doctor can recommend to a patient who has undergone a prostate gland surgery. The effectiveness derived from the treatment however, is said to be less effective.

When a patient takes in a Cialis tablet, the medical substances get mixed in the blood system of the human body. This stimulates the blood flow system into the penis. As a result of which one can get to experience a hard erection. It must be noted however that the effectiveness of a Cialis treatment may tend to vary from one person to another. If the patient is aged, then the effectiveness might get prolonged as a result of slower metabolism. It is advised that you consult with the doctor first before you get down to any kind of erectile dysfunction treatment. This matters especially if you are already taking some kind of medication that when mixed with a Canadian Health&Care Mall Cialis dosage can lead to serious health risks.

Deliberations of Pulmonary Function in Progressive Systemic Sclerosis

CREST syndromeThe CREST syndrome is a well-recognized variant of progressive systemic sclerosis. The PSS-CREST differs from PSS-DS by the limitation of skin thickening to the extremities (in most cases the distal-most portions), a protracted course, and the relative sparing of internal organs. No detailed information is available concerning pulmonary parenchymal involvement in PSS-CREST. One form of pulmonary involvement has been reported by Salemi et al, who noted ten patients with PSS-CREST who had moderate pulmonary hypertension. Complete pulmonary function tests were not reported. None of their patients had significant parenchymal disease by chest roentgenogram in contrast to the many reports of pulmonary parenchymal fibrosis seen in patients with PSS. The present study investigated the prevalence of pulmonary dysfunction in PSS-CREST and further characterized the abnormalities found.

The patients were classified using simple schemes (see Methods) relying on spirometry for several reasons. Values obtained from spirometry (FVC, FEVJ FVC, FEF25-75) are better standardized, have well-defined ranges of normality, and were uniformly performed in the patient population, precluding any selection bias. The FVC was used as the hallmark of restrictive lung disease, and the FEV^FVC as the marker of airflow obstruction. The 1/D and 1/VC 0 were not measured in this retrospective analysis. The Deo was used primarily as a marker of capillary surface area since studies have shown that at rest, values for this test correlate most closely with capillary surface area and pulmonary capillary blood volume.

Outcomes of Pulmonary Function in Progressive Systemic Sclerosis

Pulmonary function

Pulmonary Function Testing—PSS-CREST

Pulmonary function data for the PSS-CREST group are presented in Table 1. Mean values for the group as a whole for FVC, FEVb FEV/FVC, FRC, and TLC were normal. The mean Deo was mildly decreased.

When the patients were separated into the five previously defined physiologic groups, normal results were found in 25 (28 percent), restrictive abnormalities in 20 (23 percent), obstructive abnormalities in 14 (16 percent), isolated reduction in Deo in 23 (26 percent), and an isolated reduction in FEF25-75 in six (7 percent). The mean values ± SD of the pulmonary function results are presented in Table 2.

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Research of Pulmonary Function in Progressive Systemic Sclerosis

Progressive systemic sclerosisProgressive systemic sclerosis (PSS) is often divided into two clinical categories; PSS with difiuse scleroderma and the CREST syndrome variant of PSS, which occur with equal frequency. In the former, there is widespread involvement of the skin including trunk as well as both distal and proximal portions of the extremities, and a tendency to the relatively early development, and often rapid progression, of visceral disease affecting the gastrointestinal tract, heart, lung, and kidneys. The cardinal features of the CREST syndrome variant (PSS-CREST) include subcutaneous calcinosis (C), Raynaud’s phenomenon (R), esophageal dysmotility (E), sclerodactyly (S), and telangiectasia (T). Its clinical course is usually indolent, and many years may elapse before the appearance of visceral disease.

Levitra of Canadian Health&Care Mall

Levitra’s preparation (or in other words vardenafil) is actively applied to fast elimination of problems which are connected with maintenance of erection at the necessary level.

At the present moment the Bayer Pharmaceuticals company is a manufacturer of Levitra, and sellers in all countries are their trade partners – GlaxoSmithKline and Schering-Plough.

Levitra is appointed when diagnosing impotence, in particular, the most frequent cases the request for the known medicine becomes absence at the patient of erection or its unstable manifestations when it is impossible to have sexual intercourse.
Not one year in a row Levitra has the official international license for treatment of erectile dysfunction in all its forms and irrespective of age of the patient (as this preparation is intended mainly to men).
At temporary inability to reach an erection, its maintenance and preservation during a certain period for carrying out sexual intercourse such decision becomes the most optimal and reliable variant.

Getting to an organism, the preparation as fast as possible gets into blood and extends over all body that explains very fast reaction after intake.
The first signs of activity can be noticed literally in 25 minutes (depending on specific features of each person). Such kind of effective Levitra may be ordered via Canadian Health and Care Mall.


Total time of action of one dose of medicine makes from about 4 to 5 hours. As skilled doctors note, the maximum level of functioning of a preparation in blood is observed in an hour after the use — the peak of effect is the share of this piece, further it only continues to be supported on the conceived level and under the final smoothly to fall down on “no”.

If to use Levitra’s tablet practically along with greasy food, then action of a preparation will prove much later, and will be brought out of an organism many times longer (approximately for 1 hour). At the same time and the quantity of preparation in blood will drop by 20%. But on improvement of an erection it won’t affect the main mission in any way that’s why it is affordable to order Levitra via Canadian Health and Care Mall to improve your erection.

When mixing with “harmless” food of similar extensions in time frames it isn’t expected in principle, the main substance from the recipe for 93% interacts with blood proteins therefore full removal of medicine — too an important question and to it it is worth paying attention not less, than the dose.
The official instruction of the preparation Levitra underlines that application can be carried out even when strongly expressed sexual dysfunction — not as the main medicine, and only additions to a basic course is observed.

Being guided by data of researches, during one month of the continuous use even against full impotence at many participants 100% restoration of man’s force were observed that’s why it is favourable to purchase Levitra via Canadian Health and Care Mall.
Being guided by similar recommendations, it is worth declaring that this medicine can be prescribed to men who suffer from a premature ejaculation as the decision from an adjacent problem.

According to medical practice, tablets are capable to prolong sexual intercourse at the expense of detention of an ejaculation, and with the whole chain of doses it becomes several times more long, than without reception in general.
However, it is necessary to realize clearly the main principle of action of Levitra — it doesn’t create an erection from scratch, it only strengthens erection on the general background of sexual life stimulation.

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Heart Failure Patients With Sleep Apnea


As part of an ongoing prospective epidemiologic study, all patients with HF who are newly referred to our HF clinic undergo overnight polysomnography. This protocol was approved by the University of Toronto Research Ethics Board, and subjects provided written informed consent before study entry. The inclusion criteria were as follows: (1) chronic HF (LV ejection fraction < 45%, as assessed by echocardiography) secondary to ischemic or nonischemic cardiomyopathy; (2) sinus rhythm on the ECG; (3) > 30 VPBs per hour of sleep on an overnight ECG recording; and (4) moderate-to-severe sleep apnea, defined as an apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) of > 15 events per hour of sleep. Subjects were then divided into groups with either OSA predominantly, in which > 85% of the events were obstructive, or CSA predominantly, in which > 85% of the events were central. The exclusion criteria included patients with cardiac pacemakers or atrial fibrillation. ECG data were analyzed from the 20 most recent consecutive patients with OSA and the 20 most recent consecutive patients with CSA who had not been included in previous research studies.

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Pulmonary Nodule

CT screeningA 65-year-old white woman was evaluated for a solitary pulmonary nodule. While undergoing a commercial whole-body CT screening examination 1.5 years earlier, she was found to have a 9-mm poorly marginated lesion in the right lower lobe of her lung. A short-term follow-up and/or diagnostic evaluation was strongly recommended, but the patient deferred. During the current evaluation, a follow-up chest CT scan demonstrated the presence of a 16-mm nodule in the right lower lobe with irregular margins (Fig 1). The patient denied dyspnea, fever, cough, hemoptysis, or weight loss. Her medical history was only pertinent for type II diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia. Two years earlier, she had undergone a total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophrectomy for treatment of a borderline stage IA ovarian tumor. The patient had a remote cumulative 25-pack-year smoking history. Her family history was negative for cancer or lung disease.

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Immunology as Science

immunologyCanadian Health&Care Mall decides to grapple with immunology as science, looks through its development during centuries. Immunology as a certain direction of researches arose from practical need of fight against infectious diseases. There are evidence that the first vaccination was carried out in China for one thousand years B.C. Inoculation of pock to healthy people for the purpose of their protection against an acute form of disease extended then to India, Asia Minor, Europe, to the Caucasus. However reception of artificial infection with natural smallpox not in all cases yielded positive results. Sometimes after inoculation the acute form of disease and even death was noted.

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