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April 19, 2016 Category: Erectile Dysfunction

Levitra’s preparation (or in other words vardenafil) is actively applied to fast elimination of problems which are connected with maintenance of erection at the necessary level.

At the present moment the Bayer Pharmaceuticals company is a manufacturer of Levitra, and sellers in all countries are their trade partners – GlaxoSmithKline and Schering-Plough.

Levitra is appointed when diagnosing impotence, in particular, the most frequent cases the request for the known medicine becomes absence at the patient of erection or its unstable manifestations when it is impossible to have sexual intercourse.
Not one year in a row Levitra has the official international license for treatment of erectile dysfunction in all its forms and irrespective of age of the patient (as this preparation is intended mainly to men).
At temporary inability to reach an erection, its maintenance and preservation during a certain period for carrying out sexual intercourse such decision becomes the most optimal and reliable variant.

Getting to an organism, the preparation as fast as possible gets into blood and extends over all body that explains very fast reaction after intake.
The first signs of activity can be noticed literally in 25 minutes (depending on specific features of each person). Such kind of effective Levitra may be ordered via Canadian Health and Care Mall.


Total time of action of one dose of medicine makes from about 4 to 5 hours. As skilled doctors note, the maximum level of functioning of a preparation in blood is observed in an hour after the use — the peak of effect is the share of this piece, further it only continues to be supported on the conceived level and under the final smoothly to fall down on “no”.

If to use Levitra’s tablet practically along with greasy food, then action of a preparation will prove much later, and will be brought out of an organism many times longer (approximately for 1 hour). At the same time and the quantity of preparation in blood will drop by 20%. But on improvement of an erection it won’t affect the main mission in any way that’s why it is affordable to order Levitra via Canadian Health and Care Mall to improve your erection.

When mixing with “harmless” food of similar extensions in time frames it isn’t expected in principle, the main substance from the recipe for 93% interacts with blood proteins therefore full removal of medicine — too an important question and to it it is worth paying attention not less, than the dose.
The official instruction of the preparation Levitra underlines that application can be carried out even when strongly expressed sexual dysfunction — not as the main medicine, and only additions to a basic course is observed.

Being guided by data of researches, during one month of the continuous use even against full impotence at many participants 100% restoration of man’s force were observed that’s why it is favourable to purchase Levitra via Canadian Health and Care Mall.
Being guided by similar recommendations, it is worth declaring that this medicine can be prescribed to men who suffer from a premature ejaculation as the decision from an adjacent problem.

According to medical practice, tablets are capable to prolong sexual intercourse at the expense of detention of an ejaculation, and with the whole chain of doses it becomes several times more long, than without reception in general.
However, it is necessary to realize clearly the main principle of action of Levitra — it doesn’t create an erection from scratch, it only strengthens erection on the general background of sexual life stimulation.

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