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May 29, 2015 Category: Canadian Health&Care Mall

public medicineThe hot potato of the Canadian Health&Care Mall is its private clinics. It is a well-known fact that public medicine in Canada is extremely limited and available only in the presence of health coverage. It usually provides only primary care physicians and walk-in hospitals. If a patient needs some special services he is to receive an additional medical insurance or to apply to a private clinic.

As it is mentioned in the Canada Health Act, private clinics are not allowed to provide medical services available in public walk-in hospitals, but still some of them disregard the established rules.

One of the most important and acute problem of Canadian Health Care is its exorbitantly long waiting lists. The fact is that most of the patients have to wait more than half a year to pass special tests or finally to receive the necessary treatment. For instance, obtaining an MRI scan in walk-in hospitals usually takes more than three months; in private clinics it is possible in a week or two, depending on the qualification of physicians and the condition of equipment. So, the choice depends on financial situation of the patient as the private treatment, as a rule, costs pretty money.

The existence of such private hospitals is an eternal matter of dispute between politicians and wealthy people. The first ones affirm that private medicine disintegrate a well-organized system of Canadian Health&Care Mall and promote corruption. The latter are extremely satisfied with the professionalism and courtesy of the private physicians and the absence of long waiting lists. Everything needed is a forehand call and a necessary sum of money.

Private insurance policies usually cover over 80% of all the private clinics costs, so their owners spend almost no money for provision and specialists’ salaries. That is why this business is so popular in Canada and is in a serious competition with public medical sector. But the fact is that it cannot be excluded completely, because most of the walk-in hospitals have a very narrow spectrum of services, and without private clinics people would have just no place to treat in.

So, it is a complicated question whether private treatment is necessary or not. No doubt, people should have the rights of choice and may use any service they may afford to, but, on the other hand, the humorous net of omnifarious clinics seriously breaks Canadian Health&Care Mall down leading it to a great corruption rate.

Despite all disadvantages of the Health Care, Canada still remains the first position in the rate of the healthiest and oldest people worldwide, what, no doubt, cannot be ignored by the public and characterizes the country as a properly regulated one.

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