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Health Care System and Drug Stores

Health Care System and Drug Stores

Health care system is a complex of all organizations, institutions and resources the main goal of which is gain in health. For system activity the main role plays human resources, funding resources, information, supplies and materials, transport system, communications and universal administration. Within the health care system such service should be render which can clearly react to demands. A good health care system each day improves the health level. Ultimate responsibility lies on the shoulders of administration, but the stewardship of in the regions, municipal districts and freestanding medical institutions should help them to achieve the best result. As an example we can take Canadian health care system. Canadian health care system finances by the state and can be easily described as system of actuarial and medical plans of nine provinces and three territories. This system is known as Medicare and provide people with free medical service. This structure has been worked out with the aim that each province and territory have their own administration locally, but not in hands of federal government. The health care system is bindded by common regulation rules which are established on the federal level. Regulation and supply of medical service is a duty of each province and territory. Province and Territory plan, finance and estimate the providing of medical service. They are responsible of qualified drugs production and their selling. As a result this system is a whole organism which functions concurrently and simultaneously.

Due to this the work of their drug stores are also developed in such a way to provide citizens with everything they need. For example “My Canadian” is a web drug store which has gained a reputation of tried company with its own cycle of clients. They know their work well enough to predicate the needs and demands of future customers. It is very important the health care system to be ruled by responsible, clever and helpful administration, not by persons who want to make out like a bandit on the strange grief.

Canadian health&Care Mall drug stores have expensive drugs and their cheap equivalent produced and licenced in Canada. So they know they have to provide all categories of citizens with available drugs.